Guiding Philosophy


1)To extend our innovative and progressive Jharkhand traditional roots in garments to our consumers  and take fashion into a new era.

2)To unveiled hidden Jharkhand Crafts into main stream in terms of fashion and textile as a producer of internationally competitive value added products

3)Maintaining dominant presence in the growing domestic and international market and contributing to the sustainable employment and economic growth of the State .


Creating a modern yet traditional Indian way of dressing and achieve success through its creativity as well as empowering, rejuvenating and reviving the Jharkhand’s art and craft.


  • The main objective is to not only endorse the culture and way of living of ethnic minorities and tribal communities, but also keeping them alive for the next generations to know and appreciate.
  • Provide an adequate platform for marketing of handloom and handicraft articles.
  • Create job opportunities in deep remote areas.
  • Protect and develop the languishing art forms.