1. VOGUE :- Vogue is an American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine. It was first started as a weekly newspaper in 1892. Later on in 1916 it became the top fashion magazine in the world.

Johargram got the golden opportunity to get published not only once but twice in Vogue. Initially it was published on 16th aug.2021 under the heading “ These contemporary homegrown labels are redefining, modernizing and reshaping handloom as we know it”.

And later on, In Feb.2022 under the heading “ 7 exciting labels championing gender bending clothing”.

Vogue described Johargram as a pioneer in its own class of sustainable streetwear.

These contemporary Indian labels are redefining, modernising and reshaping handloom as we know it | Vogue India

2. ELLE :- Elle is a worldwide women’s lifestyle magazine of French origin that focusses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. The title means “she” or “her” in French. It was founded in 1945.

Johargram experienced an immense pleasure as it featured in Elle India Magazine September 2021 under the topic “OFF THE BEATEN ROCK”.

3. GQ:- GQ is an American International monthly Men’s magazine based in New York city and founded in 1931.The publication focusses on Fashion, Style and culture for men.

Under the heading “Men’s wardrobe essentials: Why the shacket is the perfect thing to layer on this Indian winter”.

Johargram came into top 10 homegrown labels list in February 2021.

Men's wardrobe essentials: Why the shacket is the perfect thing to layer on this Indian winter | GQ India

4. DIET PARATHA:- Diet Paratha founded in 2017 by the London based Anita Chhiba, who, at the time, was working in advertising, Diet Paratha initially began as a way for her to share – and garner appreciation for – Vintage Bollywood movie posters on Instagram.

Today Diet Paratha has become a convergence point for South Asian artists constituting marginalized musicians,up-and-coming models and fresh diaspora talent.

Diet Paratha published Johargram under the topic “6 Emerging Conscious Fashion Labels From India”.

5. GRAZIA:- Grazia is a weekly women’s magazine that originated in Italy. The Italian edition of Grazia was first published by Mondadori in November 1938. It has international editions in several countries like Albonia, Argentina, Australia, Bohrain, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Macedonia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Qatar, Serbia, Solvenia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and The United Kingdom.

Grazia featured Johargram in September 2021 under this beautiful heading “ Connecting Threads” and mentioned that the founder of Johargram Ashish Satyavrat Sahu, the brain behind two new labels, lends homegrown textiles a contemporary spin.

New Tribe: How Jharkhandi Craftsmanship Is Gaining Momentum | Grazia India

6. THE VOICE OF FASHION:- The voice of Fashion is an online fashion and design magazine. Completely distinct in the way it deals with the latest fashion trends and its approach to Indian Fashion Industry. It is a fashion magazine with strong reading content, videos and news. The voice of Fashion, not only does deep dive interviews with Indian Fashion designers through articles and videos but it also studies brand culture and essence in many ways. The voice of fashion is an Indian magazine with depth and nuance that uses news and topicality to decode the cultural intersections fashion makes with books, cinema, literature, music and art.

Johargram appeared twice in July  and August 2021 in The Voice Of Fashion under the caption “ Gangsters, Gamchas and Patta Gobi in Streetwear and “The Millennial Handloom Guide” respectively.

Gangsters, Gamchas and Pataa Gobi in Streetwear | The Voice Of Fashion

7. HOMEGROWN :- Homegrown was started from a passion to 'change the narrative,' in India. There was an emergence of independent creators in every realm; people who were defying cultural stereotypes and bringing forth new perspectives. It is helmed by the founding partners, a sister-brother duo, Varun Patra and Varsha Patra. It look for artists who work with taboo topics like sexuality, gender. Those who are underrepresented, underfunded, unknown. It look for entrepreneurs with side-hustles, with success stories, failure stories "with spunk. It look for identity-driven narratives that paint a picture of the socio-political struggles of our youth in this country. It look for street-culture and the people shaping it: the fashion designers, the b-boy and hip hop dance groups, the skateboard and rap crews. It look for reminders of the past, of history, of nostalgia. 

Homegrown presented Johargram twice with the subject “ Move over Barbies & opt for Homegrown ‘ Gudda-Gudiya’s by Johargram” and “Homegrown Streetwear Brand Johargram explores Jharkhandi Textile & Local Artisan Identity”.

Homegrown Streetwear Brand Johargram Explores Jharkhandi Textile & Local Artisan Identity - Homegrown

8. FEMINA :- Femina is an Indian magazine owned by Worldwide Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Times Group. Femina, the oldest women's English magazine in the country, has been published for almost six decades. It has evolved to cover a broad spectrum of topics, including relationships, career, fashion, beauty, and women achievers who have left a mark in their chosen field. Femina was founded in 1959.The magazine was first published in July 1959. Femina published Johargram in February2021.

9. BAZAR :- Harper's Bazaar is an American monthly women's fashion magazine. It was first published in New York City on November 2, 1867, as the weekly Harper's Bazar. Harper's Bazaar is published by Hearst and considers itself to be the style resource for "women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture". 

Johargram appeared in January-February 2021 under the caption “DAWN TO DUSK”.